Saturday, January 16, 2021

Shop Update!

 Hi there! 

I've been busy working on some projects, and one of them is dolly related! I made these little sets of hand-knitted clothes for Blythe, Licca, or Ruruko doll. 

You can find them on Etsy ♥

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

OmochaCon | Virtual Convention

   OmochaCon took place on October 3rd and 4th. Two days full of interviews, contests, and giveaways!

    This year because of the pandemic, many doll conventions had to be postponed indefinitely and with them all of our hopes of joy and entertainment. Until Angela (Omocha Crush) decided to host a virtual convention to distract ourselves from our confinement, that is! It involved the help and generosity of fellow doll collectors who donated their creations and time to share with us their love for dolls. Did I mention that it was free? How awesome is that?! 

     Pullip was the queen of the event without question. If you’re not familiar with Pullip dolls and you're curious about the doll and the community behind it, I definitely recommend two YouTube channels: one is Angela's, and the other belongs to Scarlett B. Pullip dolls have many fans around the world and that was demonstrated by the participants in the Facebook and Instagram Photo Contests. 

The winners:

Congratulations to the winners!!! 

    The event was a showcase for very talented vendors like Charon Dolls, Mota de Algodon, Moon Fairy Dolls, Doremy, and many more.  

I participated in the giveaways like everybody else and was lucky enough to win one of Angela's beautiful dolls. You will see her on my IG account surrounded by my dollies and creations. 

You can watch the whole event on YouTube here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Virtual Blythecon Calgary 2020

   Last weekend, Blythe collectors enjoyed Blythecon Calgary 2020. This year the format was virtual because of the pandemic, but that didn't keep us from enjoying ourselves. We had so much fun and learned from vendors, and some Blythe experts, many interesting and useful things about our favorite doll.

The art concept was created by Stephen Egts from Total Babesville.

    Kimberly Cook*, Mara Cecconi Langmann and Naomi Owen organized a very friendly virtual convention in very little time and was succesful thanks to the collaboration of all the attendees, vendors and presenters. The team used Facebook Groups as their platform and resolved any doubts that attendees had during the 2-day event, making the experience a very enjoyable one. 

Blythecon Schedule

Blythecon Calgary 2020 started with the welcoming in charge of Kimberly and she started with Gift Bag draws which was a very transparent way of sorting the wonderful donations between the attendees. This way every one got a cute prize in their goody bags. 

Florance Simpson from MizzfitzDolls showed us her creative process and awesome outfits, Spain was present with Sulay from A Day in Lilliput and her cute designs for Blythe and similar dolls like Pullip. Melissa Caughey from My Cassie Rae introduced us to her lovely creations, followed by Barbera Ploeg from Casa Ochenta who showed us her artistry in different media, Kelly from Dollies love dresses with her wonderful display and beautiful dresses, and Kathy Nuttal from Sailor's Tales who shared some lovely knitted clothes and outfits. Ezrael Maher, whose dollies are available at Groove Kitchen, gave a brilliant talk about resin, inmediately followed by Lynn Marie from Alter Ego Dolls. Sara Ricer of Mountains and Clouds invited us to watch her pottery process using a mini pottery wheel! Sandra Coe from Motor City Dolly was the last presenter for Saturday and showcased her Little Blythe on the Prairie series. So cute!

Sunday was equally fun with the following presentations: Ruth Carlson from Eurotrash 💓!!! Casie from Bebe Blythe Co and all there is to know about customizing, Heidi Barto from HCB Dolls showing us her beautiful creations, Jen giving us a virtual walk through her Gallery at Earth Angels Studios, Splatter Girl UK and her wonderful custom dolls, Charlene McMann from Jojo's Little Moppet Shop with a very important Blythe 101 class, and last but  not least, Becca with The Kenner Corner Class. 

The vendors offered a wide range of products, including accessories, clothes and even custom dolls! Most of the sellers also offered exclusive discount codes for the Convention!

You can find them at @blytheconyyc2020

Did you attend? Show us your loot! Tag us on instagram! @kusibonsuess

*Kimberly is an avid Blythe collector and also admin to various Facebook groups like Bad Blythe DealsUnited Nations of BlytheBlythe Pay It ForwardQueen Bees Dolly BoutiqueBlythe Canada and Blythe Calgary.

Update: Names of the Blythecon Calgary Team were added and a new image of the 2-day schedule. 

Shop Update!

 Hi there!  I've been busy working on some projects, and one of them is dolly related! I made these little sets of hand-knitted clothes ...