Thursday, August 20, 2020

Starting a Doll Collection

    If you are thinking of starting a collection there is something you should know . . . collecting can be so much fun that it's easy to get so caught up that you lose track of time. 

Doll collecting is a joyful experience, that I can guarantee! 

Blythe dolls and hybrid friend. 

    But why collect dolls? I believe people collect dolls for many different reasons. Some simply admire the craftsmanship and beauty of individual dolls, others focus on their historical value, and others are more interested in their resale value. There are also those who collect dolls to express a connection to a favorite character or media franchise, sometimes one that they remember from their childhood. In other words, people collect what they like and what makes them happy!
Many aspects of doll collecting are frustrating, for those starting their collections and for seasoned collectors alike. Maybe the doll you like is sold out everywhere or doesn’t fit into your budget. Maybe you find so much info about a doll that you don't know where to start or what to believe. Or maybe you get lots of stares from friends and family because you collect dolls and not something “normal.”
Let's remember that doll collecting should be an enjoyable activity that connects you with fellow collectors and lets you share your passion. You can learn from the people you meet, discover new dolls, and help each other cope with difficult times.

If you ask me for tips on starting a doll collection, these are my first thoughts:
  • Find your style: Are you into porcelain, vinyl, resin, baby dolls, BJDs, fashion dolls, or a bit of everything? It's better to start small and curate your collection from time to time. 
  • Search in dedicated Facebook Groups: There’s a group for every type of doll! Just follow the rules, ask questions, and I can assure you that there is always someone willing to help. Request membership to at least two groups of each kind of doll you collect, you can learn a lot from different audiences.  
  • Collecting is not hoarding. If you think your collection is getting too big and becoming overwhelming rather than joyful, it's time to let go of some of your dollies. Think about the joy you could provide to fellow collectors if you sell some of your neglected dollies.  
  • Dolly people are diverse. There is always a mix of feelings when you enter a community and the doll community is no exception. Always be polite and remember to be compassionate, some doll collectors are dealing with difficulties and dolls help them cope. Treat others as you want to be treated. If you have a bad experience with another collector please don't give up there are many welcoming and down to earth collectors and you will definitely make some good dolly friends. 
  • Stay away from smoke. If you find a dolly and has a great price please look for any imperfections before buying it, like smeared makeup, odors like smoke or mold, lose limbs, missing plugs of hair, body decoloration, cracks and if the doll has any kind of mechanism check if it's working properly. If you are not into restoring dolls and the dolly has any kind of imperfection take into consideration you'll need to spend some money in to repair it. 
  • Be patient and don't buy in a hurry. There are always good deals online, and if you are a member of a doll group some collectors post their dolls up for sale all the time. If you use Paypal select paying for Goods and Services rather than Friends and Family, the later doesn't offer you buyer protection.
  • Have fun! You're free to play with your dolls, sew or knit some clothes for them, find creative ways of displaying your collection, take some nice pictures, and share them with the world. 

Small Petworks doll collection.

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